My name is Adam Wilson, and in 2016 I started a 501C(3) Nonprofit, Calm Passion, in order to help make events more  appropriate for people with sensory processing concerns, like my Autistic son Logan. He loves superheroes, comics, video games, and cartoons. After trying to attend a few comic book conventions with him, commonly known as comic cons, we realized that Logan was quickly becoming overwhelmed by the noise, bright lights, and crowds. My team and I decided that we should create a family friendly event that had all of the things that people enjoy about comic cons, but presented in a way that minimized the chance of over stimulation.


We call it Calmer Con! At this event, we have a lot of things you would find at traditional cons, like artists, vendors, and cosplayers dressed up as superheroes, sci-fi characters, and princesses. We also added some other activities like an art area, brick building, storytelling, costume contest, superhero academy, and jedi training arena. The best part is that families are encouraged to enjoy Calmer Con together, which isn't always common in needs adapted activities.

Our team is all about providing access to great events for those who might not be able to attend otherwise due to things like sensory concerns and anxiety, and we have worked with great organizations like Best Buddies, Autism Speaks, The Doug Flutie Foundation, and HMEA's Autism Resource Central. Our newest outreach initiative is our
Calmer Spaces program, in which we manage sensory appropriate areas at other conventions to give folks a place to relax and recharge if they become overwhelmed or overstimulated while attending an event. This gives them an opportunity to rejoin the fun when they feel able to once again do so. We are going to have many of these spaces this Fall at great Events like Granite State Comicon, Rhode Island Comic Con, and Kids Con in Portland, ME.

Please Contact Us if you would like to know more about what we do, if you would like us to manage a Calmer Space or provide a sensory friendly activity at your event, or if you would like to discuss starting a Calmer Con in your area. We are a 100% volunteer run nonprofit, so if you like what we do, please consider visiting our Donate page to become part of creating opportunities for people with sensory needs to enjoy wonderful events!